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A complaint involving the head and neck tends to be one of the most common things we see in our office daily.

Everything from headaches and migraines, to neck pain and stiffness, to poor posture, and everything in between. The top 3 things that tend to cause head and neck issues are past head traumas that didn't heal quite right, sitting at a desk for hours a day with bad posture, and looking down at your cell phone a million times a day. Not to mention self popping and cracking is not a good way to help with your neck issues If this sounds like you, then you most likely have an issue going on in your neck that chiropractic can help you with. As chiropractors, we are trained to discover exactly what is causing your neck issue. Most neck issues tend to come from misalignments in the neck These misalignments affect the nerves that come out of the neck and go to your heart, lungs, digestive system, traps, arms, and soooo much more. When these nerves are affected you can experience a ton of different issues, far beyond just neck pain and lack of motion. What we do is discover where you are misaligned and correct these areas with adjustments to restore proper alignment, which will allow your neck to feel better, move better, and function better. So if you're sick and tired of dealing with your neck or head issue, then please shoot us a message so we can help you with that as soon as possible.

Common Conditions

  • Neck pain
  • Brain Fog
  • Arthritis
  • Headaches
  • Disc herniation
  • Migraines
  • Vertigo
  • Dizziness
  • Stiff neck
  • Concussion
  • Tinnitus
Head and neck pain
  • A neck adjustment can be described as "unlocking" the restriction/compression of a specific vertebrae in your spine. In lay terms, it helps a "stuck" area feel "unstuck." This provides the relief needed to allow circulation of blood and lymph to improve, allowing less headaches and less sinus pressure. This allows better movement to allow your muscles to feel less tense and achy. But most of all, this removes tension from your nerves and spinal cord to allow your brain and body to be in better communication. When your brain and body are in better communication you are able to perform, recover, and function optimally. Adjustments in the upper neck (upper cervical region) is sometimes called the "hole in one" or even "holy grail" of adjustments because it takes tension and pressure away from your brainstem to allow your brainstem to function better. A simple google search will tell you exactly how important the brainstem is for all of us to function normally. So if you've been experiencing any neck symptoms or simply want to improve the way your body is functioning, then be sure to schedule your first appointment here
  • Chiropractic has developed numerous techniques created from all around the world. Here at Limitless Chiropractic, we make sure to provide a multitude of adjusting options for every joint in the body. This helps make sure that if one technique is not creating the positive impact we are looking for, that we have others to fall back on. Not to mention our patients sometimes prefer us to perform a particular technique over another. This way we have a big tool box of different ways to solve the same problems. The most common way we can help correct your neck misalignments is through a "manual adjustment" which often creates that satisfying "pop" or "crack" sound. We also have a variety of gentler techniques to help your misaligned neck if you are not a fan of the manual style. On top of all this, we offer corrective recommendations to help you stay in alignment longer so you won't have to rely solely on us to help maintain your alignment. If you're tired of having a misaligned neck, then be sure to schedule your appointment here
  • Yes. Our chiropractic education teaches us the anatomy and the biomechanics of how your neck functions through each of its movements. We then apply this knowledge to provide the specific adjustment for each segment of your neck. In fact, chiropractic is one of the safest forms of healthcare, which is why we have the lowest "malpractice insurance" among healthcare professionals. It is actually more dangerous and detrimental towards your health to not get a neck adjustment when it is needed. That is because a misaligned neck can lead to symptoms like neck pain, brain fog, arthritis, headaches, disc herniations, migraines, vertigo, dizziness, stiff neck, concussions, tinnitus, and so much more! If you are still not convinced that neck adjustments are safe, feel free to schedule a free 10 min phone consultation with one of our doctors by clicking here
  • Chiropractic is one of the best solutions for arthritis in any part of the body. This is because arthritis is often the consequence of a joint not moving correctly or not moving at all. Chiropractic focuses on correcting the alignment of the joint to allow it to move correctly and stay in motion to help limit inflammation and arthritis. If the arthritis in your neck is due to a misalignment in the neck, then it needs to be corrected in order for the arthritis to decrease. Ongoing arthritis can lead to degeneration at the joint and even disc level of the spine. When this occurs, it can dramatically impact the way you feel, move, and function. This is why it is extremely important to correct these misalignments in the neck sooner than later before the arthritis continues to worsen. So if you've been told you have arthritis in your neck or you believe you have arthritis in your neck, please be sure to schedule your first appointment here so we can start the healing process.
  • Yes. Disc Bulge or Disc Herniations often stem from too much compression on the disc to the extent that it is being pushed out of its origin. The compression can be due to an immediate trauma (example: car accident, fall, lifting heavy weight) or due to small trauma that has accumulated overtime (example: sitting at you computer all day, sleeping in weird positions, driving for long periods of time). A bulging disc can result in pressure on the nerves and spinal cord. This pressure negatively impacts the way the nerves and spinal cord work. When this occurs, the organs, muscle, and tissue that the nerves go to can start to develop dysfunctions. Dysfunctions can include everything from tight muscles, trouble breathing, painful movements, spasms, and even organ complications. Chiropractic adjustments bring motion back into this area to help the disc heal. Unfortunately spinal discs have very poor blood supply, meaning that it maintains most of its health through movement and hydration. Chiropractic adjustments, small movements in all range of motion, and hydration are the key to allowing disc bulges and disc herniations to heal overtime. If you believe you have a disc bulge or have been told that your disc is herniated, then be sure to schedule your first appointment by clicking here so we can help this area heal before it continues to get worse.
  • There are a variety of ways that a nerve becomes pinched in the neck. When people say "I have a pinched nerve" they really mean that there is tension or compression on the nerve that is interfering with the way it functions. This causes a pinching sensation. The most common way you get a "pinched nerve" is through a sprain/strain. A sprain means that the ligament has been injured and a strain means that the muscle has been injured. This is often through a quick sudden movement, like whiplash, where a joint experiences too much movement rapidly where the muscle and ligaments surrounding that joint get injured. The injury requires inflammation to allow it to heal. Unfortunately, inflammation in the joint can cause a sharp pain as the joint tries to heal. This is because the inflammation compresses the nerve and creates a pinch-like feeling. If the joint is not corrected through a chiropractic adjustment, then the joint takes longer to heal and oftentimes heals incorrectly meaning that you are more prone to having a similar issue in the future. So if you've been feeling a pinched nerve for a long time or if it feels like you just pinched it recently, then be sure to schedule here so we can help it heal quicker and correctly.
Head and neck pain



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