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Did you know that chiropractic is amazing for back issues???

Duhhh of course you know that. And most of these back issues pop up due to neglect! This means sitting, standing, or sleeping with bad posture. Moving and exercising improperly (or not at all). And even not hydrating enough throughout the day! All this neglect piles up over time until your body just can't take it anymore causing you to finally feel symptoms. We call this the Accumulation Effect. Chiropractors are trained to see exactly what caused your symptoms to arise by examining the spine for misalignments. When these misalignments are found, it is our job to adjust these areas back into proper alignment. Proper alignment allows areas of the back to feel better, move better, and most importantly function better. This is because a misaligned spine creates tension on the spinal cord and nerves which leads to symptoms and dysfunctions. When our patients come into our office with back pain, not only do they experience relief, but they tend to notice other aspects of their health improve as well. This can be anything from better sleep, to less brain fog, and even improved breathing. Your spine is one of the most important areas of your body. Isn't it about time you showed it some love? Get your spinal hygiene back on track and schedule your first adjustment with us today!

Common Conditions

  • Degenerated disc
  • Herniated disc
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
  • Kyphosis
  • Hyperlordosis
  • Anterior Pelvic Tilt
  • Posterior Pelvic Tilt
  • Tumors
  • Whiplash
  • Spinal stenosis
Back and spine pain
  • What causes back pain?

    There are a lot of conditions or variables that cause back pain. Surprisingly, back pain is more common than people think. On average, at least 8 percent of American adults reach out to healthcare professionals with a complaint of back pain. Back pain is commonly caused by a misalignment in the spine that has remained unnoticed for a long time. Eventually, a certain movement or posture causes this misalignment to become symptomatic.

    "The straw that broke the camel's back is the perfect analogy for what happens when you don't take care of your spinal health. Luckily, chiropractors are the experts when it comes to any neck or back pain. If you've been experiencing back pain, be sure to make your chiropractor your first stop to ensure you get the best quality care possible, schedule here

  • There are a wide variety of things that can cause low back pain. The most common cause of low back pain is neglect. Basically, many of us take our spines for granted when it feels good. Unfortunately, just like everything else, our spines require maintenance to ensure that it stays feeling good. After enough bad postures and improper movements, your low back can finally say it's had enough and cause pain. The pain can be due to a sprain, sprain, spasm, disc herniation, nerve impingement, spinal degeneration, etc.

    At the end of the day, chiropractic is necessary to correct your alignment and allow your low back pain to reduce. So if you've been experiencing low back pain, be sure to schedule your first appointment here so we can help you feel better, move better, and function better!

  • Yes, most people are capable of popping their own backs. However, it is not ideal to forcefully pop your own back. This can oftentimes lead to making issues worse. This is because when you forcefully pop your own back you are popping joints that are already moving too much. This makes them even more "hypermobile" which can lead to other issues.

    Instead, seeing a chiropractor ensures that only the correct joints in your body are getting adjusted, which can cause a pop noise as well. The next time you feel the need to pop your own back, be sure to instead schedule your first appointment by clicking here

  • Sciatica is basically the irritation of the Sciatic Nerve. The sciatic nerve is the biggest nerve in your body and originates from the low back and goes all the way down the back side of your leg. When the nerve gets irritated, it can create pain, tingling, numbness, or even burning from the low back all the way down the leg.

    This irritation is often due to a misalignment in the low back or pelvis that either creates inflammation or muscle spasms. For instance, the most common reason you are experiencing sciatica is because your pelvis is out of alignment. When your pelvis is out of alignment, your piriformis muscle (which is a muscle in your buttock region) tightens up and applies pressure on the sciatic nerve. Most people then massage the piriformis muscle to relax it and stop it from applying pressure to the sciatic nerve. However, if your pelvis is still misaligned, then the muscle tightness will return. This is why you must correct the alignment of your pelvis through a chiropractic adjustment to actually keep the piriformis muscle relaxed.

    So if you've been experiencing sciatica or a feeling similar to sciatica then be sure to schedule your first appointment here

  • Yes, people with osteoporosis can still get adjusted. Osteoporosis is a condition where the density of your bones is less than the average person. From a chiropractic standpoint, this simply means that gentler adjustments are required. This is why we study several gentler techniques that are still extremely effective at helping people heal from a wide variety of conditions. So there is no need to be scared of getting adjusted if you have osteoporosis as long as you let your chiropractor know ahead of time. So if you have osteoporosis and are ready to get your body feeling better, moving better and most importantly functioning better, then be sure to schedule your appointment here
  • Yes, you should see a chiropractor for low back pain. Chiropractors should be the first stop for any back pain 99% of the time. This is because chiropractors are trained to evaluate and treat all musculoskeletal issues in the body with a major emphasis on the spine. What a lot of people don't know is that the majority of pain receptors in the body are actually found in our joints, not our muscles. This is why a misaligned low back often leads to low back pain. Chiropractors are able to detect what the issue is and correct it through a chiropractic adjustment. When the joints are realigned, the pain receptors stop going off which helps to alleviate low back pain. So if you've been experiencing low back pain, be sure to schedule your appointment here so we can start putting your joints back into proper alignment and allow the pain to reduce significantly.
  • Yes, chiropractors can adjust your spine with a herniated disc. In fact, discs have extremely poor blood supply, meaning that the best way to keep them healthy is through hydration and movement. However, if a joint is misaligned and causing a disc herniation, then the alignment of the joint has to be restored in order for the disc to fully heal back into proper position. Chiropractors specialize in adjusting the spine back into proper position to help with any disc herniation. Disc herniations not only feel painful at times, but it negatively impacts the surrounding nerves from working correctly. Those nerves can be connected to your organs, your muscles, and other parts of your body. If those nerves aren't working correctly due to the disc herniation, then you may have other dysfunctions down the road that are worse than just pain. All in all, if you have been suffering from a herniated disc, then be sure to schedule here so we can help.
  • Yes, chiropractors can still adjust your spine even if you've had a surgery involving a plate, screw, or rod. However, the adjustments will be different for somebody after these kinds of surgery than if you haven't had these surgeries. Rather than adjust the area where the plate, screw, or rod is located, chiropractors adjust the surrounding areas that may be compensating for the surgery. This is because an area fused will not move from a chiropractic adjustment. The areas compensating for the surgery may be the cause of any pain or discomfort experienced, which is why chiropractic adjustments of these areas are amazing for relief. So if you've had a surgery where hardware was used to fuse your joints, then you now know that you can still be adjusted. Simply schedule your first appointment here so we can help.
  • It depends. We often hear "once you get adjusted you need to go for the rest of your life." However, this can be said about the majority of health-related modalities. Once you eat a healthy meal, you need to eat healthy for the rest of your life. Once you exercise once, you need to exercise for the rest of your life. The same is true for chiropractic but with some differences. Oftentimes, our patients come in for appointments more frequently at the beginning to make major changes to their body. After their body changes and adjusts to the new alignment, they normally schedule appointments less frequently. The goal is to get your spinal misalignments corrected as soon as possible where you only need to visit a chiropractor for less frequent maintenance or for emergencies. With that being said, even just one chiropractic adjustment can have a major effect on how your body feels, moves and functions. We see people often have immense relief after just one adjustment. When you pair proper chiropractic adjustments with healthy changes to your daily routine then you are set for success. So if you are looking for quick relief or long term health, be sure to schedule your first appointment here so we can get you moving in the right direction.
  • Chiropractors treat all kinds of conditions but mainly focus on "musculoskeletal" conditions. This means conditions that involve your muscles and your joints. Muscle and joint conditions also affect your neurological system, meaning your brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Almost every condition your body can suffer from in some way shape or form involve the muscles, joints, and nerves. This is why seeing a chiropractor is great for almost any condition. When the body is put back into proper alignment, your joints start to move correctly, your muscles start to function properly, and best of all is that your nerves are able to send and receive messages throughout the body more effectively. So if you're ready to improve your alignment so your body can finally function and heal correctly, be sure to schedule your first appointment here
  • Seeing a chiropractor as soon as possible is always the best way to help with conditions you're experiencing or to help avoid symptoms from arising. If you're experiencing symptoms from a condition then you're better off seeing your chiropractor as soon as possible to help make sure the condition doesn't get worse. Not to mention, there are several occasions when the body heals incorrectly meaning that you are more likely to experience the same condition again but worse and normally sooner. However, if you are not experiencing any symptoms, then NOW is the best time to get adjusted. This is because it is a lot easier to keep you healthy and thriving than it is to help you regain your health. Many chiropractic patients receive chiropractic care for maintenance to keep their body in alignment and thriving. When you're in alignment you are much less likely to experience symptoms that would normally arise otherwise. So whether you're experiencing symptoms or not, be sure to schedule your first appointment here
  • There are several exercises and stretches that help to relieve low back pain depending on what is causing the pain. Improper movements and lack of movement are often the cause of low back pain. When you learn how to move correctly and often, you're less likely to experience pain and discomfort. One of the greatest exercises to relieve low back pain is glute bridges. There are a variety of different ways to do glute bridges which makes them more fun, engaging, and challenging. Glute bridges are a great exercise for low back pain because it strengthens and moves your pelvis and low back in a position that is opposite to sitting. Adding glute bridges to your exercise routine is one of the best ways to help with low back pain. One of the best stretches for low back pain is simply side to side lateral bending. Our average daily motions normally involve flexion, extension, and rotation, leaving lateral side to side bending the least utilized motion. Introducing side to side stretches is one of the best ways to increase the motion in your spine allowing your joints to stay lubricated and healthy! At the end of the day, you can do all the exercises and stretches you want, but if your joints are misaligned, then they need to be correctly to fully get the benefits of these exercises and stretches. So if you want to get the full benefits of these exercises and stretches then be sure to schedule here
  • Chiropractic is amazing for helping to prevent you from needing surgery. Surgery should always be a last resort because it is permanent. It is best to try as many non-invasive approaches before turning towards surgery. However, sometimes surgery is the answer for some conditions, but if you can resolve the issue without surgery, then we highly recommend you take that approach. This is why chiropractic is often the first route people take to resolve issues to avoid surgery. In fact, failed back syndrome is a diagnosis used to describe patients that still experience pain even post surgery. This is because over 50% of back surgeries leave the patient feeling the same or worse. We highly recommend seeing a chiropractor for back pain and other pain related conditions to avoid surgery. So if you've been contemplating surgery and are looking for a second opinion, please schedule your first appointment here
  • Yes, bad posture can lead to back issues and spine issues. Gravity is always pulling us down, which is a major reason why our posture is key. When we have good posture, our bodies are designed to evenly distribute gravitational force throughout our bodies. However, if we have bad posture, then gravitational force will be unevenly distributed throughout our body. When this happens, we end up with misalignments and areas of compression that can lead to major issues down the road. Chiropractors are experts at improving posture because we work on correcting the alignment of your joints. When your joints are in proper alignment, your posture improves. When your posture improves, you are much less likely to experience the issues caused by bad posture. In fact, we offer a digital posture assessment for every single patient on their first visit so we can go over your posture with you and explain what we need to do to improve it. So if you feel like you have bad posture or are already starting to feel the effects of poor posture, then be sure to schedule your first appointment here
Back and spine pain



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