Dr. Scott Mitchell


The first thing that you'll notice when you meet Dr. Scott is a tie between his innate desire to truly connect with you on a deeper level and his thick (and what he claims to be AMAZING) Boston accent! Dr. Scott is extremely fortunate to have grown up in such a loving family that values creating a wonderfully fun and safe home. As a kid, Dr. Scott was a great student that saw the importance in his education and contributing to his community. Dr. Scott was always having friends over his house for epic sleep overs, crazy yard games, and of course tons of sports. His favorite sports growing up were soccer, gymnastics, and basketball. In fact, his love for soccer even led him to playing at both the collegiate and graduate school level.

Growing up in a suburb of Boston, Dr. Scott was completely immersed in the "medical approach" towards health & wellness. This led him to pursue a degree in Medical Biology from the University of New England, which is a school known to give birth to a variety of successful medical professionals. However, during his studies, Dr. Scott found himself questioning much of what he was learning under the medical model and instead decided to pursue a more holistic approach upon graduation. After shadowing tons of healthcare providers in all fields and countless hours of research, Dr. Scott felt that the best approach to restoring health and balance to the body was through chiropractic care.

After graduating from UNE, Dr. Scott moved to California to attend Life Chiropractic College West, which is a school known for starting "hands on learning" on day one! He was immediately hooked and fell in love with everything chiropractic! What Dr. Scott is most fascinated with is the ability to adjust any joint in the body that is misaligned to restore proper function. This fascination led Dr. Scott to successfully treat everything from postural issues, to foot issues, to even jaw/TMJ issues!

Given Dr. Scott's burning passion for true chiropractic care, he decided to bring his talents to the Austin community. When Dr. Scott is not in the office, you can find him barefoot exploring all of the Austin outdoor activities or traveling to becoming deeper connected with the vast cultures & experiences this world has to offer!

Dr. Scott truly believes that human potential is nearly LIMITLESS and has dedicated his life to the endless pursuit of this potential.


Dr. James Jacques


Dr. Jacques immigrated to the United States in 1997 from the northwestern region of France. His family moved to multiple states before finally settling down in Austin, Texas.

Prior to moving to Austin, Dr. Jacques graduated with a Human Biology degree at SUNY Albany pursuing the idea of health and wellness early on. Upon arrival, he enrolled at Lauterstein & Conway Massage School in North Austin as a stepping stone for future ambitions to further his knowledge of human anatomy. The impact to care for those in pain and provide the unique solution they seek was incredibly profound in cementing his love for healing. Yet overtime it became clear that massage was not enough to satisfy his aspiration. That desire led him to chiropractic.

Dr. Jacques envisions a continuous pursuit of education to keep the mind stimulated and the body tested to its fullest potential. The goal with each patient that enters through our doors is to help them be free from the burdens of pain and overbearing stress. He believes we all have our unique way to make our body and mind thrive which makes the potential impact with each of our patients LIMITLESS!

On his own time, you can find Dr. Jacques trail running at the Greenbelt, playing beach volleyball wherever a sand court is free, circulating through all the local coffee shops, and supporting his childhood club soccer team Arsenal at the Tavern. Dr. Jacques foresees his future filled with travel to reconnect with friends, family and new people from all around the world while also seeking to create an evermore healing and nurturing home in Austin Texas. "Austin offers the perfect combination of nature, health and modern city life that I have searched for all my life, and I don't see myself anywhere else."



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