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Did you know that Failed Neck Surgery Syndrome and Failed Back Surgery Syndrome are actual diagnoses in today's world.

This is because so many neck surgeries and back surgeries have left the patient feeling exactly the same or worse. What a lot of people don't know is that chiropractic is amazing for helping people prevent surgery in the first place for certain conditions. This is not only in regards to spinal conditions, but conditions anywhere in the body. Unfortunately, most people's first instinct is to visit their primary care doctor about an area that is in pain. The most common treatments these providers recommend are medication, physical therapy, rest, and surgery. Many of these treatments help temporarily with the symptom, but don't get down to the actual cause. Chiropractic focuses on putting the body back into proper alignment allowing there to be less tension on the spinal cord and nerves. When the spinal cord and nerves are free of tension, your brain and body communication is improved, allowing you to function and heal optimally. This often causes many of the conditions you're feeling to go away. Not to mention chiropractic is one of the least invasive forms of healthcare out there. This means that it is extremely safe for most conditions and is less likely to leave you permanently impacted like surgery does. However, if you've already undergone surgery, then chiropractic is a great way to allow your body to adapt to the "new you." There are several ways to adjust somebody post surgery to ensure you do not reinjure the surgical area. This allows you to feel better, move better, and function better even after surgery. So if you are contemplating getting surgery, or are still suffering post surgery, then give us a call so we can help you out!

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Pre and post surgery
  • Yes, you can still be adjusted by a chiropractor after surgery. Chiropractors know a variety of techniques to be able to adjust anybody. This includes people post surgery. Of course, every surgery is different, so it is important for the chiropractor to distinguish what surgery was done so he/she knows how to proceed. If you have had surgery in the past and are looking to continue to improve your health, then click here to schedule your first appointment today!
  • Recovery time after surgery depends on a variety of different factors. Consulting with your surgical specialist is very important to know how long to wait before seeing your chiropractor. Consulting with your chiropractor ahead of time is just as important so he/she can also let you know how long after surgery should be taken before getting adjusted. This being said, chiropractic helps tremendously with recovery time by putting the body into a balanced and healing state. If you have had surgery in the past and are looking to continue to improve your health, then click here to schedule your first appointment today!
  • Yes, you can still be adjusted by a chiropractor even if your spine is fused. When a spinal segment is fused, the segments above and below need to compensate for the lack of movement at the fused segment. This compensation often leads to issues down the road. However, it's important to keep in mind that the chiropractor will not try to move or manipulate the fused joint. Instead, they correct joints above or below the fused segment to prevent those areas from developing other dysfunctions. Common dysfunctions that develop around a fused segment include degeneration, arthritis, and nerve tension. So if you have a fused segment in your spine, click here to schedule an appointment to help prevent future issues.
  • Absolutely. There will always be a time and place for surgery, but surgery should rarely be the first option. When it comes to your health, you should most often try holistic (non-invasive) options first because it's easier to try more invasive approaches later on down the road if needed. In fact, chiropractors are well known for helping people avoid surgery. This is because misaligned joints are often the cause of many issues. When a misaligned joint is corrected, it will move better and will decrease tension on the nerves. This allows your body to function and heal better. If you believe you need surgery or are looking for a second opinion, then schedule your first visit here
  • The priority in adjusting someone post surgery is to first provide relief to the areas surrounding the surgical site. This will create an improved healing environment and prevent any additional stress to impact the healing. Not to mention it depends on the area of the surgery, the severity, how long ago the surgery was, as well as other factors to consider how a chiropractor would adjust somebody post surgery, Just like every adjustment, chiropractors only adjust areas that need to be adjusted and only do whatever you feel comfortable with. In fact, we have patients get adjusted post surgery all the time! If you've had a surgery and you're ready to get back to optimal health, then schedule your first visit here
Pre and post surgery



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