Posture Correction

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Posture correction is one area of health that chiropractic is exceptional at over most other healthcare professions.

This is because chiropractors focus on two main areas of posture: structural posture and neurological posture. Structural posture focuses on correcting the alignment of your joints while neurological posture focuses on retraining your brain to naturally have correct posture. If you're guilty of spending several hours every day hunched over your computer, then it's no wonder you're experiencing poor posture. As dynamic human beings, our bodies are constantly adapting to the postures, movements, and lack of movements we do on a daily basis. If this has been an issue for months or even years, then it is most likely very difficult to correct on your own. As chiropractors, we are trained to discover exactly where you are misaligned which is preventing you from having correct posture. We are able to correct misalignments in your body to make it much easier to have correct posture and perform other adjustments to teach your body to have that become your "new normal" posture. On top of this, we will give you simple lifestyle recommendations specific for your body to help you maintain this new correct posture as long as possible. So don't let gravity continue to wreak havoc on your posture. Instead, reach out so we can give you the helping hand you need.

Common Conditions

  • Uneven Shoulders
  • Uneven Hips
  • Head Tilt
  • Forward Head Carriage
  • Upper Cross Syndrome
  • Lower Cross Syndrome
  • Anterior Pelvic Tilt
  • Posterior Pelvic Tilt
  • Scoliosis
  • Rounded Shoulders
  • Neck Hump
  • Hyperkyphosis
Posture correction
  • Absolutely! Chiropractic is known for correcting bad posture. Bad posture is something that develops overtime due to improper movements, bad ergonomics, and a history of injuries that did not heal correctly. Chiropractic is designed to analyze the body as a whole to see what needs to be corrected to restore proper movement and posture. Just ask our patients! We have a history of fantastic results with patients that come in with a desire to correct their bad posture to allow them to look better, feel better, and move better! If you feel like you need to improve your posture, then look no further and schedule your first appointment here
  • There are many things that can cause bad posture. The most common thing that causes bad posture is most people's professions. Many of us can now be found spending hours a day hunched over a computer. If you do this long enough, your body literally changes to fit that hunched over position. Old injuries that heal in improper alignment are another cause of bad posture. The old injury might feel better, but long term, this misalignment can lead to serious issues down the road. Bad sleeping habits can also lead to bad posture since you're basically stuck in a bad position for up to 8 hours a night on average. There are many other things that can cause bad posture but these are 3 of the most common things we see in our office. The good news is that chiropractic helps with a lot of these issues. So if you've been struggling with bad posture, be sure to schedule your appointment here
  • Chiropractic is amazing for helping rounded shoulders become less rounded. Rounded shoulders often occur when your spine is too rounded forward in a flexed position. When you correct the spine and allow the spine to feel more comfortable in a straight up position, the shoulders start to move backwards more naturally. This helps to create less tension in your upper back as well as your chest. This means less neck pain, back pain, and less tension overall. If your shoulders are rounded then be sure to schedule your appointment here to make sure they don't continue to round forward!
  • There are a variety of factors that play a role into how long it takes to reverse bad posture. Some of these factors include your age, how long you've had bad posture for, what position your body is in during work, how you sleep, history of surgeries or traumas, etc. For most people, reversing bad posture is a process that requires more consistency at the beginning. This means that you first need to get your posture corrected and then work on making that your new "normal" posture. This process can usually take anywhere from a few days, to a few months, depending on the several factors listed above. If you're ready to finally reverse your bad posture, then schedule your appointment here and let's get started!
  • We do not recommend using a posture corrector device. The reason being that when you use a posture corrector device you only have good posture while you're wearing it. Once you take it off, your posture is oftentimes worse because you were relying on the device so much. Instead, chiropractic works on correcting the alignment of your joints, as well as the nervous system. The adjustments basically teach your nervous system how to hold a correct posture with correct movements. This way you will naturally have better posture without having to constantly rely on a posture corrector device. So if you're ready to finally correct your posture, then schedule your appointment here and let's get started!
  • We have people come into the office all the time asking if we can help them get rid of their neck hump. The "neck hump" that you develop is due to your head moving too far forward. When your head is too far forward the muscles in your upper back and lower neck tense up as a way to bring your head back (or basically keep it from falling too far forward). The best way to get rid of your neck hump is by adjusting the neck and upper back in a specific way to allow you to naturally keep your head further back. When your head moves back to where it should, the muscles in your upper back and lower neck can start to relax and allow the appearance of a neck up to go away. So if you're tired of seeing those profile view photos where it looks like you have a neck hump, then schedule your appointment here so we can make those photos look more flattering.
  • Yes, chiropractic is well known for helping people with a forward head. Your head will start falling too far forward over time if you constantly put yourself in a forward head posture. This is due to long hours at the computer, staring down at your phone, driving with your head pushed out, and even sleeping in weird positions. If you're guilty of these things, then it's fair to assume that your head is too far forward. Chiropractic helps bring your head further back by first correcting the alignment of the joints in your neck. When these joints are corrected, it makes it much easier to start doing all these different activities without your head getting stuck in a forward position. Over time, keeping your head over your shoulders and not sticking out will start to feel normal. So if you're ready to finally bring your head back into proper position, then schedule your appointment here and let's get started!
Posture correction



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