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Yes, chiropractors do adjust babies, kids, and pregnant moms.

In fact, it is extremely beneficial to get adjusted as early in life as possible. This is because the birthing process puts approximately 70lbs of traction on your baby's neck along with rotation and lateral flexion? Because of this, there is a very high chance that this process caused the bones in your baby's neck to become misaligned. If the misalignment is not corrected, then your baby is more likely to grow with a misaligned neck and create compensations as they get older. However, the sooner you correct misalignments in your baby and child's spine, the better chance they have at living a healthy and "feel good" life. Also, it is important to mention that we do not pop or crack babies. All of our adjustments to babies and children are gentle and delivered with specificity and care. Side note, we also have a ton of pregnant moms that come see us to get adjusted. Adjustments help keep your pelvis in proper alignment, which creates a thriving environment for your baby as well as make your pregnancy as comfortable as possible. We do this through a specific technique called the Webster Technique, which is designed specifically for pregnant moms. So if you want to have a comfortable pregnancy, safe birth, and healthy young one, then be sure to reach out so we can help you thrive!

Common Conditions

  • Colic
  • Constipation
  • Digestive issues
  • Trouble latching
  • Acid Reflux
  • Asthma
  • Torticollis
  • Scoliosis
  • Ear infections
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Sciatica
Pediatric and pregnancy
  • Absolutely! If the mother is comfortable, then the baby will be comfortable too. As the pregnancy continues, your center of gravity shifts due to the added weight of the baby and the increasing amniotic fluid around them. There is also a surge in the hormone Relaxin which causes ligaments, tendons and other tissues to become more pliable and flexible so that the mothers body changes as the baby grows. This can cause potential instability if the mother is struggling to handle the increasing pressure and weight of the baby. Chiropractic helps to bring your body back to balance to allow relief for the mother but also the optimal environment for the baby to thrive! If you are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, then be sure to reach out and schedule your first visit here
  • There are many things that can cause a miscarriage, but chiropractic is not one of them. In fact, chiropractic helps realign your body to allow it to function and heal optimally. Women have often commented that chiropractic has helped regulate their menstrual cycles and was the missing piece from allowing menstrual issues to go away. If you are having menstrual issues or if you are pregnant, be sure to schedule your first appointment here
  • Women are often "hypermobile" or extra flexible during pregnancy due to their body producing excess amounts of the hormone Relaxin. Relaxin allows your ligaments (connective tissue that connects bone to bone) to become extra flexible to prepare for all the bodily changes that come with pregnancy. This makes it easier to pop or crack your own back, as well as other joints in the body. Chiropractors highly advise to not pop or crack your back yourself because the pop or crack is oftentimes in joints that are already moving too much, rather than the compressed areas that actually need that movement. So if you feel the need to pop or crack your own back during your pregnancy then we recommend scheduling your first appointment here to ensure we only adjust the areas that need to be adjusted.
  • Chiropractic is designed to help heal your body and is not designed to hurt or injure your body. That being said, it is extremely unlikely that a chiropractor can hurt your unborn child. It is actually the opposite. Chiropractic allows unborn babies to thrive by creating the optimal environment for them to grow with less restriction. For example, if you are pregnant and your pelvis is misaligned, then certain muscles will be chronically tight and painful and restrict movements for your unborn baby. Plus the nerves that come from the spinal cord will be under tension and won't be able to function as effectively. Consequently, being misaligned and not seeing a chiropractor is most likely hurting your unborn baby. So if you are pregnant, be sure to schedule your first appointment here to ensure that your unborn baby thrives during this important developmental stage!
  • Cracking your low back CORRECTLY is no easy task. This would be extra difficult if you had a growing baby inside of you. As a chiropractor, we highly recommend that you refrain from cracking your own back because this can lead to immediate complications and even complications down the road. The most common complication involved in trying to crack your own back is a sprain/strain of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the low back. If you feel the need to crack your low back then you are in serious need of a chiropractic adjustment. If this is you, then be sure to schedule your first appointment here
  • Yes, you should always tell your chiropractor if you are pregnant. This is because there is a special protocol that chiropractors can follow called the Webster Technique, which is a chiropractic technique specifically designed to maintain proper alignment and balance for pregnant women. Not to mention the more information you can provide your chiropractor about your health history the better. This is because the more your chiropractor knows about you the more he/she can help make sure you heal quicker and correctly from anything that is bothering you. So if you are pregnant and are looking for your first chiropractic appointment, then click here and let's get started!
  • Pediatric chiropractors are chiropractors that specialize in working with pregnancy, babies, and children. Luckily, all chiropractors are taught how to adjust pregnant mom's, babies, and children. Here at limitless chiropractic we see anybody with a spine because we understand how to adjust anybody that walks through our doors. Our youngest patients are only a couple of days old and our oldest patients are in their upper 70s and 80s. It is extremely important for babies and kids to get adjusted to ensure that they grow into an adult with less issues related to the spine and nervous system. Some of the healthiest people we know have been adjusted since birth. This means that they have less tension on their spinal cord as they grow to allow them to feel, move, and function optimally! If you want your baby to thrive as an adult, then schedule here to ensure your baby is as healthy as can be!
  • Babies need to see a chiropractor for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is because the birthing process, on average, places about 70lbs of traction on your baby's neck, oftentimes with excess rotation and lateral flexion. Your baby's neck is not strong enough to withstand a force like this. If this process causes your baby's neck to become misaligned, then it needs to be corrected by a chiropractor to ensure that your baby does not develop a naturally misaligned neck. A misaligned neck can cause compensations in other areas of the body and lead to more severe issues down the road. So if you want to make sure that your baby grows with a fully aligned spine, especially after birth, then be sure to schedule here
  • Chiropractic is safe for kids and babies. In fact, chiropractic is known as one of the safest healthcare professions. Chiropractic for babies and children is extremely gentle and oftentimes does not even require any "popping" or "cracking" sounds. Not to mention adjusting babies and children are much easier than adjusting adults because many of them have not experienced the same traumas or the accumulation of traumas like us adults. This allows adjustments to last longer and actually require your child or baby to get adjusted less. This sets them up for success in the future as an adult because they are less likely to experience symptoms or discomforts! So if your child or baby still has not been adjusted, then schedule their first appointment here
  • Your child should see a chiropractor as soon as possible. Lots of people, not just children, wait until an injury occurs or symptoms develop to see a chiropractor. Although this is good, it's a lot easier to keep somebody healthy than help somebody regain their health. Getting adjusted sooner than later will allow you to adapt to stresses more effectively to help prevent symptoms or issues before they develop. This is why many of our patients bring their patients in for adjustments before symptoms arise. So if you want to keep your child healthy, or help your child regain their health, be sure to schedule your first appointment here
  • There are many techniques in chiropractic and even many different techniques for adjusting babies. That being said, adjusting your baby is always done gently and with care and precision. There should not be any "popping" or "cracking" with a baby because you can get great results without any of that. Adjusting a baby is much more of a neurological approach that focuses on testing reflexes and range of motion. From different tests, a chiropractic can understand what is misaligned and what needs to be done to restore balance to your baby. Adjustments for a baby are often done by hand and involve help from you as the parent. Sometimes chiropractors use different gentle tools to help facilitate chiropractic adjustments too! All in all, adjustments for babies are simple, safe, and effective to help your baby get back into proper alignment! Be sure to get your baby adjusted sooner than later by scheduling here
  • You certainly don't want to wait until your 3rd trimester to get adjusted. This is because the sooner you get adjusted, the better! Of course you can still get adjusted at any point during your pregnancy, but it's always best to start early. Getting adjusted before you are pregnant allows your body to already be in proper alignment so your baby will have the optimal environment to grow as healthy as possible. Prenatal chiropractic has been shown to help women get pregnant, especially if they have been having issues conceiving. Again, this is because chiropractic puts your body back into proper alignment to ensure that everything is functioning correctly. If you are looking to get pregnant and have the best pregnancy possible, then be sure to schedule your first appointment here
Pediatric and pregnancy



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